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    Pet Food Bag

    No:    P-157
    Title:    quad sealed dog bag
    Material:    Laminated film
    Bag type:    Quad-seal bag(with zipper)
    Feature:    Heavy-duty bag
    Industry:    Pet food bag

    Item: quad sealed dog bag
    Feature: quad sealed with zipper,heavy duty bag
    Material: laminated film
    Printing: yes
    Keywords: pet food bag, dog food bag, treats bag, doy pack

    1. This bag is used for packing dog food.
    2. With excellent design and printing quality, can up to 12 colors printing.
    3. The bag is made of laminated film, which has a good barrier, so it can keep the pet food fresh and prolong the valid time.
    4. Stand up bag with zipper, there are tear notches on the top of the bag, punching the hanger hole on the bag’s top.
    5. The bottom gusset can be doy-pack or k-seal.
    6. We can make the bag at any size according to your packing demand.